And those are just three examples of applications.
The technology is there. The software too. The drawings with all the basic information are already in your company. About your building, about machines, about processes: everything has already been entered and often in 3D. Otherwise you will stop printing all those instructions.

What we do?
That is linking it to other steps in the business process. And convert it into apps, touchscreens and barcode readers, so that customers, technicians, executives and sales managers take it digitally with them to where they are needed.

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Our vision: “Why explain what you can show?”

Actually it is very simple. Virtutec translates software into VR, AR, App or hologram and thus speeds up and improves processes.

Who are we?

Virtutec is a fast-growing startup that thrives on the strength of two business experts with a background in (machine and construction) production, project management and education. With our team of software developers we use existing 3D CAD data and drawings to create a 3.0 digital version for different processes; in sales, in assembly or in after-sales. Read more about us here.

In Marketing & Sales

Your field service listens to the wishes of a prospect, clicks a 3D scale model on his iPad with exactly the right content, dimensions and functions and can immediately print a quotation if desired. Your prospect only has to sign!

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In Engineering & Production

Your foreign production employees are assisted by a projection screen with a red light, which shows them in full size, as in Technical Lego, where the next part has to be assembled or secured. Without a language barrier or long training!

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In your Service

Your parts book and manual are made digitally to an app in which a customer can log in with their own account. In the event of a malfunction, the customer can use barcodes to quickly remove exactly the right part and order a replacement. Nobody orders the wrong thing anymore and that manual is never lost again!

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