The solution for lack of professionals

In the current tight labor market, it is almost impossible to find a mechanic, let alone a mechanic with a large dose of insight, experience and communication skills. The search for such toppers becomes a lot easier if you change the production process towards smart industry. With our software, we can support assembly processes, for example, with laser, which guides the employee through the assembly process step by step and without a language barrier.

Two options

By reading your data and 3D models, our software can easily make combinations that unlock the information step by step; like flipping through a booklet of Technical LEGO®. That is the most chosen option.

But it can also be done the other way around. Your employee picks up a part, scans the barcode and then sees projected on his workbench where the relevant part should be placed. This can even be implemented on a mobile device such as your own phone or a company iPad.

Procon is like Technical LEGO® in which every employee works quickly and error-free…virtually without a training period’

So quick and easy for everyone

Especially in the manufacturing industry, you can do more with your current team in less time without extra effort, and teams can be expanded with foreign employees who are ready to be deployed in 1 hour, without a language barrier. Not a matter of days, not a matter of hours, just getting started right away. But more is possible…

But more is possible…

Procon is our 2nd service. That means our second product in a series of three software packages that optimize the entire business process. We can start with this, if the process side or the assembly is currently the biggest bottleneck.

But we can also link Procon to your stock system. Useful for purchasing, progress and staff planning. Or we link ProCon to the outstanding offers from SalCon. Also here: directly to be translated into occupancy rate and required people and materials.

With ProCon, the manufacturing industry becomes a competitor of China

ProCon in operation

This is how ProCon works with the supervised assembly of a control cabinet.

Want to excel despite the tight labor market?

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