Visualizing works!

We believe in visualization, in all available ways. Whether it’s sketches, drawings, or 3D models; by showing your customers what the possibilities are, they better understand what your solution can do for them.

Our products SalCon, ProCon and SerCon have been specially developed for this. From awareness in the purchase process, to support for your service; we have a solution for every part of your company journey.

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Integration with your software

Our software is based on API first technology, which means that we work with a software interface that makes it possible for two applications to communicate with each other. In this way, functions and systems can be easily connected to each other. And what good is that to you? By using APIs, content within your digital ecosystem can be used on any desired platform. This includes your website, webshop and apps, but also your CRM, ERP, CAD and Windows packages.

Virtual tours & 3D scanning

Complete the experience with a 3D scan of your project, object or building. And make direct use of all digital data that a scan provides you. We are happy to tell you all about it, and especially about the convenience that these models will bring you! Want to know more? Contact us!

Bowinn is the place where knowledge and innovation come together. Here, a rapidly growing network of entrepreneurs and education is working on future-oriented developments for the construction and living environment. The construction campus in Dokkum is a breeding ground and research center with an open character. Knowledge and experience are brought there and shared. The focus is on innovations that affect all (construction) sectors, across the board. Entrepreneurs, governments and education get to know and inspire each other here.

In order to be able to meet each other not only physically but also in the digital world, we use a Matterport tour, containing all the information that we can also pass on in the physical world. That way we are really present everywhere!”

Martin R. van der Veen

Director, Bowinn, Campus for Innovation in Construction

Fast switching and smart innovation is essential for organisations, especially in the rapidly changing world. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is happy to help professionals and organizations with this. To provide insight into our learning environment, we use a virtual tour that gives students, companies and other interested parties a good impression of our possibilities. We can also show you what we have in house, without you visiting us physically. Very nice in the digital age.”

Marketing dept.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Maas Kristinsson Architects is developing a beautiful MFC building on behalf of the municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel, in which an old farm is completely revitalized into a new and modern complex, equipped with the latest gadgets and technology to be able to move forward for years to come. In order to properly map the old building, we had a 3D scan made of the whole, so that we can seamlessly embroider on the existing construction. Accurate to the millimeter and a big time advantage because we didn’t have to measure the difficult building manually.”


Architect, Maas Kristinsson Architects

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