What exactly it is?

Sercon is our software focused on the after-sales processes. With this we make parts books, manuals and manuals available to anyone with an account. Paper folders or booklets are therefore replaced by a digital variant, linked to 3D animations. That saves printing, searching, a lot of questions and ensures that frictions are resolved quickly.


  • With 3D and AR you can look in places that you can hardly reach in real life, and you know exactly how parts should be loose or fixed, or which part needs to be replaced.
  • By linking the models to item codes, repeat orders can be initiated directly from the app. On site and with optimum certainty of the correctness of the version or part.
  • Dealers, customers and users have access to the most up-to-date information anytime, anywhere. If desired, linked to stock system or delivery times.
‘Ideal for managing expectations, but above all for the entire service experience’

No webshop needed anymore

Another advantage; by entering all products and parts in the company app, there is no need to build, design and maintain a separate webshop. Will there be innovations and new versions added? Then the data can be forwarded to SerCon in real time.

Especially for the manufacturing industry

SerCon is currently mainly used in the machine-making industry. Logical, because customers don’t buy machines just to let them stand still for an hour unnecessarily. Another reason: within production, all information about the parts and end products that you deliver is already available. All we do is link it to 3D presentations, so that the data comes to life and is easily found. That makes this solution very affordable. A good reason to include ProCon or SalCon in order to optimize the entire company journey?

available 24/7

Shift work, harvest time or Christmas peak: things always break when your service people already have their hands full, or simply enjoy their night’s sleep. The SerCon software really puts all the reins in the hands of the end user. The lifelike animations make it possible to determine with certainty what needs to be ordered, you can immediately check whether there is stock and transport can be arranged without the need for a service technician. Our advice: Save that one topper for the really urgent matters and your company will get tens on customer satisfaction!

Put customers in control themselves and reduce downtime enormously

SerCon in operation

Order your parts easily without a parts book. At Manter they work with it and their customers always have up-to-date information at hand.

Would this also make your customers and dealers happy?

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