You won’t realize it until you see it!

Knowing that 90% of people make decisions based on what they see, it’s time to make much more use of 3D models to engage customers (both external and internal) in your organization. We do this by making our own 3D platform (STREAM) available, in which 3D models come to life and a very realistic representation of products or situations is given. And one that you can influence or configure yourself.

By showing people what you mean, those involved become more connected. Everyone has the same image and can determine much better for themselves and the team what the effort should consist of. This way you really work together on projects and the first time right principle is followed. After all, you can already map out the ‘uncertain future’ in the virtual environment, without running the risk of a bad buy.

Thick quotations or reports are turned into images in this way, whereby 1 photo says more than 1000 words…

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Enrich models

In our software it is easily possible to add all kinds of desired information to the model. For example, do you want information about the power consumption of your entire project? Simply add this information in the backend of your models and this information will be displayed where you want it.

In this way, you build up project information from the very beginning of a project, which can then be reused in all ranks of your organization. That is what we mean by working SMART.

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