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So back to us. Although we prefer to talk about our product 😊 .

Jos Harms and Marcel Jonker are not software developers, but they knew everything about business processes. As a 15-year-old boy, Jonker replaced the farmer outside the village when he went on holiday. He entered the machine trade, ran the business office and privately indulges in projects where new things have to be rigged.

“In that you see how difficult things often go. How much information is requested back and forth before something can actually be ordered… in the hope that everyone has understood each other correctly. The customer hopes he gets what he wanted. The buyer doubts whether everything was complete. The planner just waits to see which delivery times are fed back. Recognizable?”

That Eureka moment ?

“That came when I was at the Technical Lego with my son, who was eight years old at the time. In the accompanying booklet, such a boy is taken step by step into the story. You know in advance where you are going. You know exactly what to do. And you know in advance which stones you will need. That was my Eureka. Why didn’t we just reapply that in companies?”

Jonker met Harms.

And then it went fast. Harms has a background in business administration and did change management at Nyenrode, among other things. He already had a team of developers around him, from his other company in which he uses virtual reality to train people with avatars, among other things. We went from business idea to 3D, holograms and virtual showrooms. With 17 completed projects, but above all still plenty of ideas for other sectors and companies. First come, first served!




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