Easier than expected

Virtually every company in every industry has access to data and files that we can convert into 3D. From cars to machines, from garden house to precision mechanics. That information only needs to be uploaded to our framework, the patented system Stream. Stream then makes it visible in 3D: floating on a touchscreen, with all the extra options, adjustments and extras on the side. This shows your sales employee immediately what the conversation is about. Is this what the customer means? Want to see what it looks like with that extra option? Anyway back to basics? Is this what you had in mind?

‘You configure towards a model in which price, planning and execution are immediately clear’

More affordable than expected

Because Salcon works with standard modular software that processes information without having to re-draw or redesign, we keep costs down. The result? A very competitive pricing for solutions that are also very transparent for you as a buyer.

And sometimes it’s a simple sum: do you search for that one extra employee or do you make all sales faster, more fun and more efficient with the rest of the organization with the current team. We knew it!

More sublime than expected

Salcon never stands alone. We can link it to data on power or air consumption. We can link it to delivery times and stock. For example, it is already known in the exploratory phase which product can be available in which period and at what price… facts that make you mega-reliable as a supplier, but can also help you make the right decision. Never again will the customer sigh: “if I had known that…”. He already knew it, in fact, he has already seen it. Bring on that order!


Salcon is delivered as a SAAS software package, accessible via its own portal on the Virtutec site. But if you do not have access to the internet for a while, a hybrid version is also possible. We can also process all our options and link them to other devices. Your own app on the company iPad or on your phone, for emergencies. We can convert portals into a virtual showroom or an app for a virtual tour through your company or your products.

From building supplies to medical to machine building

SalCon in operation

This is how the configurator works in preparing quotations fo a complicated palletizing line

With SalCon your world at your fingertips

With the SalCon configurator you give your customers confidence in your products. Help your customer put together with the party mode, even if he is on the other side of the world. Configure the most complex projects into a suitable solution. Then, with 1 click, receive a suitable quote in your own house style (or, if desired, from your own CRM / ERP package) and convince your customer of your advantages.

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