Solidtec makes many quotations on an annual basis, some of which unfortunately do not lead to an order. When making these quotations, a lot of product knowledge is necessary, which means that a special sales engineer has to be deployed to be able to draw the quotation. Knowing that part of this work will not lead to a delivery, Virtutec has been asked to develop a modular drawing system, which does not require a drawing program (and the necessary knowledge of it), and which also allows you to always work with the latest models.


Much of the customer-specific knowledge is available with the representative who has been on site to discuss the project with the new prospect, in order to be able to make a suitable offer. This information must be translated by the representative into a line arrangement of the new palletising arrangement, including all accessories required for the product to be treated. The configuration must of course also fit into the available space and must fit into the logistics process of the location. An overview is required for this, whereby the representative made use of sketches.

Solving this issue lies in a sort of SIMS-like method of modular engineering, but without any engineering knowledge. In many games (such as Farming Simulator) a similar process has been applied, here too you can operate the largest agricultural machines without knowledge. We have therefore recreated a 3D world for Solidtec in which all salable models are included. These can be placed in the grid as desired, and can be connected to each other by means of handy ‘click’ functions. This creates a suitable arrangement that you are sure will also fit in practice. Supplemented with a ‘state of the art’ quotation module, a suitable quotation can be drawn up and issued on site.

The activities can now be carried out by the representatives themselves, so that the adaptation of changes can be done more quickly and the best possible source of information is created. This allows engineering and production to get to work as quickly as possible, in order to meet the agreed delivery time. And the customer? He has been involved in the development of his new packaging line from the very beginning because he has already seen it fictitiously and knows exactly what he is going to get.


Solidtec uses SalCon to support its representatives and dealer network. Precisely to include customers in the possible, complex set-up options, it works well to be able to show the customer immediately what the physical consequences will be with every adjustment. This way new customers can get acquainted with the new product in a well-founded way and they immediately have an eye on how the new interpretation will be placed. Making a quote is now just one click of a button.

And is that customer on the other side of the world? No problem, because SalCon is an online tool, the customer can watch without any problems in the same development room in which the representative works. If necessary via VR glasses, so the experience is completely optimal!

The film below shows how SalCon works for Solidtec.


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