Mechatec supplies a wide range of machines, aimed at processing crates and big bags with mostly agricultural products such as potatoes and carrots. For this they have devised a unique concept, in which the modular machines can be placed in a multitude of configuration options. This is often done for the Dutch market, but the number of export orders has grown considerably in recent years.


Due to the increasing number of requests, making a suitable quotation is a time-consuming task. Because this often requires complex knowledge of the desired situation, it is important to obtain the right information during the quotation process, which is crucial to be able to supply the right machine.

Much of this knowledge is currently in the minds of both the director and the representative and is therefore dependent on their agendas in terms of availability. Mechatec turned to Virtutec precisely to make it easier for dealers and end users to make a suitable, correct quotation and to obtain maximum information that is required for the physical production process.

With her knowledge of the market and the necessary logistical business process behind it, we have made a plan for this.


For Mechatec, SalCon was used to set up the quotation process in a highly visual way. The tool was prepared together with 3D models that were already available at the engineering stage. As a result, Mechatec can show its full product range worldwide at any time of the day, including all options and configurations that are possible. As a result, dealers and customers are better able to complete their quotation process independently and only have to contact them for specific issues. Mechatec also has a complete overview of all quotations that are open and can thus contribute ideas in finalizing the quotation into an order.


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