Bowinn is the place where knowledge and innovation come together. Here, members and knowledge partners are working on future-oriented developments for the construction and living environment. The construction campus in Dokkum is a breeding ground with an open character. Knowledge and experience is brought there and shared. The focus is on innovations that affect all (construction) sectors, across the board. Entrepreneurs, governments and education get to know and inspire each other here.

Campus support extends beyond the base location. Bowinn also facilitates on-site innovations. This gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to work on innovative projects in-house. The construction campus makes companies visible, helps them strengthen each other. Bowinn does this by opening up the network and sharing the knowledge of the members. Working together on a better and sustainable (construction) environment, in order to give the region a boost.


During the Corona pandemic, the location was closed and therefore cannot be used to let the network meet. This made it difficult to fill in the network function where people would meet.


In order to be able to continue to share her knowledge and to make visible what happened in Dokkum, it was decided to make a virtual tour through the building, which is easily available via the internet. This has created a digital counterpart, which means that Bowinn is also present in the virtual world and thus has a 3.0 digital version of itself.

From this tour all members can be found and there is a short line to the information of all participants. You can also read the latest results of the various projects, which have been delivered by students, among others.

Want to experience the tour yourself? Clicking on the image below will open the tour and make it available even in VR!


Do you really want to be present in the digital world?

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